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At Texio Academy, we offer an array of courses at your disposal.  Even the most inexperienced IT professional will see significant value in what we have to offer.  We currently offer a wide selection of courses for our audience to partake in.

Our courses were designed to lift your skills and your career to new heights. We believe in the possibilities, and we created our courses to help you reach your potential, together with our help. 

We invest in you and your journey, because we know the value these courses have, and what it can do for your future tech career if you prepare now.  Because of these courses, clients have entered into the best jobs of their entire career.  Let us help you take your career to new heights with the right resources, information, and pathway to success. 

Our Courses

Our Cyber Security Course is one of the most popular courses that we offer, and no matter what industry you are in, we believe that you can see significant benefits in the lessons that we have to share… Read More

Software testing is a crucial part of IT concerns, and it is important to every industry that you might have ever worked in.  We understand the need for software testing skills and whether you are… Read More.

Highly demanded and one of the best known CRM is SALESFORCE. Our Professional Trainer teach you all major practical skills for becoming  Salesforce Administrator during short term… Read More.

What we offer?