What will you Discover?


For a number of reasons, Texio Academy should be your first pick for information technology training.

There are several academies and websites that will promise you only the best available education and courses, but only a rare few will deliver on their promise. Texio Academy was founded by a group of people with expertise in information technology, hoping to share their knowledge with the world. What we share on this platform is not just current and trendy, but it is true to our experiences, designed to help you learn and use the same tools that we employ daily.

Texio Academy should be your choice for information technology training for several reasons.  Not only do we have the experience, but we also have the research and the support to prove that our courses are in-depth and essential.  Each of our courses is brainstormed, researched, created, and formulated with a clear path for learning.  Our course curriculum and labs are designed by our experienced team to provide you with updated and current IT information. We ensure that every lesson is complete, succinct, and valuable to our audience.  We promise nothing but the best and as perfectionists, we deliver—every time.

Furthermore, Texio Academy partners with technology companies who are willing to hire students. We see the value of education which is why we always do our best to give back, contribute to the community, and provide you with the information and learning experience that will best support the next generation.

When you think about your options for information technology courses, we hope you see Texio Academy as a winner amongst a pool of thousands of available suppliers.  We take pride in the content we share. With our experience and our aptitude for research and development, you can trust that our courses will allow you to develop critical IT skills and prepare you for a future full of potential in the IT world.